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The island of Formentera was the scene of the hippie dream. In the 1960s there was a kind of global hippie circuit and in Formentera, young Americans avoiding being drafted into the war with Vietnam found their own special paradise. Half African, half Mediterranean, Formentera's charm lay in its peace, its otherworldliness and its landscape packed with secret hideaways.

But things have changed. Today, Formentera proudly welcomes visitors that aren't so hippy or so idealistic, but old habits die hard. The island's villages still have an air of 1960s revolutionary zeal. In addition to endless beaches, Formentera has some stunningly beautiful villages, small and amazingly well preserved.

All the towns and villages in Formentera are worth visiting. Whitewashed houses, never more than two storeys high, 'Formentera blue' painted windows and the peaceful atmosphere are some of the features they all share, although every single one of them preserves a fragment of the island's charm.